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Register for CALICO!

We can't wait to see you (digitally) at CALICO Spring '22 Online this year! Follow these directions, and you'll be ready to compete in no time.

Once you've found a team, choose someone to be a captain. They'll be in charge of representing the team and managing the team registration!

Team captains should go to contestdojo.com and create an account. Make sure to create an organization representing your school, and then invite your teammates (you'll also need to invite yourself as a team member, too)!

Before your registration is complete, all participants must request, sign, and submit the liability waiver found on the ContestDojo website. Once you've completed these steps, you're good to go! At this point, we recommend you take a look at our Contest Guide or try your hand at some problems on our Problem Bank.

See you at the contest, good luck!

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